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—Jill Fandrich, PharmD, CRPh


Critical thinking is essential, and even vital, for assessing and understanding medical issues effectively. It enables individuals to make informed decisions, identify biases, evaluate alternative perspectives, solve problems, communicate effectively, promote evidence-based practice, and ultimately improve patient and family outcomes. Medically Speaking, Who Connects Your Dots? brings awareness to the need to ask questions about medical information, research and evaluate the sources and their credibility, resist conformity, and leaves you with your own informed and unbiased conclusion. Read Medically Speaking, Who Connects Your Dots? to learn more about critical thinking regarding current medical events.


Critical thinking is the key to unlocking the door of understanding in the complex realm of medical issues. It allows us to navigate through a sea of information, separating fact from fiction and making informed decisions about our well-being. By questioning assumptions, weighing evidence, and considering various perspectives, critical thinking empowers us to become active participants in our own healthcare journey, leading to better outcomes and a healthier future.

—Dr. Jill


By critically assessing the available evidence, considering potential biases, and evaluating various treatment options, individuals and healthcare professionals can make more sound, evidence-based decisions regarding their health.


Critical thinking helps to identify biases and fallacies that may be present in medical information. It allows individuals to question the credibility of sources, identify conflicts of interest, and recognize logical fallacies that may distort the presentation of medical evidence.


Critical thinking promotes the consideration of alternative perspectives, which is crucial in healthcare. It encourages healthcare professionals to examine different treatment approaches and forms the foundation of evidence-based practice.


Read Medically Speaking, Who Connects Your Dots? to find out more.

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Where can I purchase Medically Speaking, Who Connects Your Dots

Medically Speaking, Who Connects Your Dots? can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, Apple, and many other retailers that sell books.

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Medically Speaking, Who Connects Your Dots? comes in hardcover, paperback, digital, and audio.

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Format:  6 x 9 Paperback and Hardcover, Digital, Audio

Pages:  182

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